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 The M4 Cutter. A 90deg Roughing Mill with Heavy Duty Inserts with 4 Cutting Edges.

The M6 Cutter. A 90deg High Feed Low Cutting Force Face Mill. With Strong Insert with 6 Cutting Edges.

The MFPN Cutter. A High Strength 45 deg Face Mill with Strong thick Insert design that is double sided to give you 10 cutting edges.

YG1 Alum-Power Endmill


YG1 V7 Plus 4 Endmill for Tough Steels, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel & Exotic Materials


YG1 X5070 High Performance Endmills for Hard Material (45-70rc)


YG1 TitaNox High Performance Double Core Endmill for Titanium & Stainless Steels